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BARC BI Survey is available upon request

The Business Applications Research Center in Germany, or BARC, is the source for the world’s largest annual survey of business intelligence users, The BI Survey. Every year, the center culls survey responses from business intelligence users to analyze their opinions of products and from the results creates The BI Survey. The BI Survey is composed of the results, the analyzer, vendor performance summaries, and a pdf report of best practices.

As one of the leading developers of business intelligence solutions, Dimensional Insight has been included in The BI Survey. Dimensional Insight has consistently achieved top ranks among dashboard and ad-hoc reporting vendors in key categories such as big data analytics, customer satisfaction and business benefit. DI has also been rated well for being capable of delivering timely results with a high degree of certainty and performing successfully while seeing some of the highest data volumes in the field.

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Dimensional Insight’s performance in The BI Survey is available here at your request. Read one of the performance reports to learn how Dimensional Insight is viewed in comparison to its competitors on issues from the purchase cycle to deployment, including information on performance levels, scalability and problems encountered.

If you find this information useful, you may also be interested in reading more about The BI Survey on BARC’s website (http://barc-research.com/). And if you are the user of a business intelligence software solution, you may want to participate in one of the annual process by submitting your own answers to the survey.