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5 Data Trends that Will Make an Impact in 2021

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Like any other year, 2021 brings along with it excitement around new analytics and data trends. But it is also a unique year, because the trends in 2021 are set against the backdrop of a global pandemic and its impact on businesses.

In this white paper, we lay out some of the data trends that could make the difference for an organization in the current landscape. These trends include:


  1. High priority on analytics and artificial intelligence
  2. Data quality/reliability is paramount
  3. Making a data-driven culture part of the fabric of an organization
  4. Balancing self-service with data governance
  5. Acceleration of migration to the cloud
5 Data Trends that Will Make an Impact in 2021

“By 2024, most organizations will attempt trust-based data sharing programs, but only 15% will succeed and outperform their peers on most business metrics.”

— Gartner Report, Dec 2020