Ambulatory Operations

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Ambulatory Operations

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Getting the Most from Your Ambulatory EHR Data

Ambulatory electronic health records (EHR) systems collect immense volumes of detailed patient data. However when trapped in an EHR that was designed primarily for data capture, that information doesn’t have the opportunity to live up to its analytical potential. But when transformed into meaningful information, it can help drive better informed, and ultimately more successful decisions.

Dimensional Insight’s Ambulatory Operations analytical solution helps you gain better insight into your ambulatory operations and patient population by organizing data extracted from the EHR to provide both meaningful summary level information and the ability to quickly get to the underlying details so you can uncover opportunities and problems, and quickly respond with appropriate actions.

Since governance and collaboration are built into Dimensional Insight’s Diver Platform, you’re able to closely control the process of defining and deploying new information while still including the right people and perspectives in the conversation.

And information from Ambulatory Operations can be combined with other Dimensional Insight healthcare analytics products to create custom analytics solutions for modeling populations, assessing provider practice patterns and more.

Benefits of Ambulatory Operations

Accelerated time to value

Accelerated time to value for deploying new analytics applications

Flexibility to adapt

Flexibility to adapt your analytics environment to rapidly evolving needs. Opportunities to combine ambulatory data with other Dimensional Insight analytics solutions

Intuitive and easy to use

Intuitive and easy to use self-service tools to promote data-driven decisions


Increased engagement

Of stakeholders, subject matter experts, and information consumers

Flexible deployment models

Flexible deployment models that meet the needs of your organization

Improvement goals design

Designed with the goals of improving care quality, lowering costs, enhancing patient experience, and engaging providers

Access to Standard Out-of-the-Box Measures

Click on the interactive module below to explore our pre-defined measures. With more than 100 standard measures and data elements built into the application, Ambulatory Operations allows you to immediately begin analyzing information without having to build your analytics environment from scratch.

Features of Ambulatory Operations



More than 100 pre-configured measures based on CMS, Uniform Billing, ICD, CPT, RVU and other standards that reflect clinical, financial, and operational activity in the ambulatory settings


Interactive dashboard templates that can be replicated and extended to provide additional perspectives. Reusable visualizations that dynamically adapt to assigned measures.


The enterprise-class integration, transformation, and operational control that comes with Diver Platform.


Opportunities to explore the underlying data of virtually any number or chart in any visualization.



An automated approach to defining and computing complex data and measure definitions. Built-in governance and collaboration functions.

Examples of Ambulatory Operations dashboards:

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