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Measure Productivity

Dimensional Insight solutions helped customers to:

Identify $2 million in underpayments

Recover $750,000 in 1st 4 months of project

Reach $2.5 million positive revenue swing in value-based payments

Increase revenue by 34%

An understanding of staffing and productivity is essential to hospitals and health systems, particularly as they deal with unprecedented staff shortages. Your data can help provide insights as to whether your employees are working at peak productivity and where you can pinpoint areas of improvement.

Productivity Measurement

With Dimensional Insight, you can use precisely defined KPIs to objectively and fairly assess and monitor productivity. Your organization can take advantage of this information and implement process improvements as well as practices that contribute to superior patient outcomes and operational effectiveness through the most efficient use of available resources. It also allows you to provide continuous feedback to help managers and staff understand how they are contributing to organizational goals.

Units of Service Analysis

Dimensional Insight gives you the ability to define and analyze workload KPIs in ways that fairly and meaningfully reflect work by service line, unit, and role. This provides an objective means for staffing and productivity measurement.

Staff Time Analysis

You can also precisely analyze where work effort is being applied at specific enough levels to make data-driven decisions. This can include decisions about how to monitor and manage overtime expenditures.

Staffing Ratios

The productivity data provided by Dimensional Insight can be used to guide decisions on staffing. You can also analyze the impact of those staffing decisions using effective productivity measures that reflect work effort and workload.

RVU Analysis

With relative value unit (RVU) analysis, you can measure and assess provider productivity using standardized measurements. Dimensional Insight allows you to compare similar providers and practices to identify best practices and opportunities to improve. Your organization can use the information to promote collaboration and a culture of data-driven, evidence-based decision-making.

Position Control & FTE Management

Dimensional Insight allows you to understand current and planned staffing needs in terms of anticipated workload. It does this using precisely defined measures that allow for data-driven decisions and measure the effectiveness of decisions and strategies over time.

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