Engage Providers

Continuously monitor physician performance with 360-degree assessments of physician activity across multiple care settings and performance criteria.

Dimensional Insight solutions helped customers to:

Reduce the amount of time to obtain business-critical information by providing instant access to KPI’s in a dashboard interface.

Establish a data-driven decision-making culture.

Motivate physicians to excel based on performance data.

Effectively engaging providers in improvement efforts at your healthcare organization has a positive impact on patient outcomes, patient satisfaction, finances, and operations. But any engagement efforts need to be done in a collaborative and trusted way, and not further contribute to provider burnout.

Performance feedback

It’s important to provide performance feedback to providers, but that feedback needs to be meaningful and actionable. With Dimensional Insight, you can see how providers perform on specific measures and compare that performance to peers in similar specialties. In addition, you can summarize provider information in specialty-specific scorecards that are linked directly to patient-level information. Providers and administrators both have access to the same data to promote transparency.

OPPE Reporting

Hospitals and health systems need to submit documentation to the Joint Commission as part of Ongoing Professional Practice Evaluation (OPPE) requirements. Dimensional Insight provides you with specialty scorecards to meet the requirements, and provides access to detailed data that provides a more meaningful context for dialogue around the professional practice review process.

Best Practices

What are the factors that drive improved outcomes and higher patient satisfaction among your providers? With Dimensional Insight you can both access summarized information on providers and analyze the underlying detail to uncover insights on best practices and determine the factors that lead to superior results.

Reduce Variation

As much as possible, you want to reduce variation in provider performance and outcomes so your patients have a consistent and superior experience. With Dimensional Insight you can view measures on both practice patterns and outcomes so you can identify variations among both individual providers and provider groups.

Collaboration & Communication

Performance improves when providers and administrators collaborate on efforts to improve and enhance their communication. Dimensional Insight allows you to share objective, precisely defined measures of provider effectiveness in order to promote meaningful, evidence-based dialogue. The trust enabled by Dimensional Insight solutions also allows providers and administrators to focus on improving patient outcomes and work processes rather than debating the validity of information.


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