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Ensure Safety

Dimensional Insight solutions helped customers to:

Identify $2 million in underpayments

Recover $750,000 in 1st 4 months of project

Reach $2.5 million positive revenue swing in value-based payments

Increase revenue by 34%

Patient safety is of critical importance, and your organization’s ability to effectively manage this risk can result in big improvements in patient outcomes, increased patient satisfaction, and higher quality scores. Your data can provide your staff with concrete areas of improvement and allow for a measurable way to track improvement and build a more safety-conscious culture.

Patient Safety Measures

Which safety measures are most meaningful and actionable to avoid patient and employee harm? Dimensional Insight allows you to identify these measures and integrate them into comprehensive data sets. This provides you with the information necessary to monitor compliance with safe practices and measure the impact on patient outcomes and employee safety.

Voluntary Safety Reporting

Using Dimensional Insight, you can implement voluntary safety reporting practices that work for your organization and culture. You can integrate the information into your overall safety program, and use the information to assess the effectiveness of compliance with defined practices.

Employee Safety

Meaningful quantitative measurements within Dimensional Insight allow you to monitor employee safety. These measures provide insight into opportunities to ensure employee safety as well as promote evidence-driven safety decisions.

Standardized Measures (PSI 90)

Dimensional Insight allows you to incorporate standardized measurements of safety, such as AHRQ patient safety indicators (PSI), into safety monitoring and improvement programs.

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