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Optimize Operations

Dimensional Insight solutions helped customers to:

Identify $2 million in underpayments

Recover $750,000 in 1st 4 months of project

Reach $2.5 million positive revenue swing in value-based payments

Increase revenue by 34%

The ability to analyze operations and pinpoint areas of improvement can result in enormous benefits for your healthcare organization, including improved financial health and better patient outcomes. By integrating data from various source systems and gaining a “single source of truth,” you can improve your decision-making and make demonstrable, sustained improvements for your organization.

Command Center

Bring key performance insights front and center for your team so they can make decisions with the most current, relevant, and trustworthy data in front of them. Dimensional Insight’s Command Center allows you to integrate systems and display it in real-time dashboards. This helps you make optimal decisions on resource allocation when it matters so you can provide the best patient care.

Capacity Management

Where are patients in your system? Are there changes you could make to either use untapped resources, or ease the burden of constrained resources? With Dimensional Insight, you can easily gain a view into utilization of different areas of your hospital so you can distribute resources to better understand trends and manage capacity to both improve patient care and optimize finances.

Patient Flow Optimization

How are patients moving through your system? Are you getting them from Point A to Point B efficiently, or is there waste in the system that is negatively impacting patient outcomes and satisfaction? With Dimensional Insight, you can examine data on patient flow and dive down into the details to better understand opportunities for improvement. One customer who optimized patient flow in the ED gained an additional $2 million per year in revenue, while another customer was able to reduce the time in which cardiac patients were seen, resulting in a 67% reduction in mortality.

Crisis Decision Support

How do you most efficiently allocate resources in a crisis situation? Do you need to redistribute staff or convert areas of your hospital to new uses? Dimensional Insight helps you integrate data from different areas of your organization and quickly and easily view the relevant information to make better decisions. For example, during the COVID-19 pandemic, Dimensional Insight customers were able to access dashboards that provided the latest numbers on COVID patients, their acuity levels, and where they were in the hospital. This enabled them to make appropriate staffing and resource decisions.

Discharge Management

More efficiently discharging patients from your facilities results in higher patient satisfaction, better allocation of staff resources, and faster, more appropriate care to new patients. With Dimensional Insight, you can streamline your discharge processes, and provide better follow-up care to patients once they’ve left the hospital. For example, one customer has used Dimensional Insight to better follow-up with patients after discharge and make sure they are able to see a provider within 5 days. This ensures better patient care and has reduced readmissions, which is a key value-based metric for reimbursement for this organization.

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