Laboratory Advisor®

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Laboratory Advisor improves processes and service

The world of healthcare is becoming increasingly complex, and medical laboratories are no exception. The increased demand for healthcare means tight budgets and high workloads. Regulatory changes mean organizations need to continually adapt to keep up. As a result of these innovations, healthcare is deploying increasingly advanced equipment and automation. This generates large amounts of data and diverse sources that diagnostics and business operations can use. For many microbiology, clinical chemistry, and pathology labs, it is difficult to put these data and sources to work.

Unlocking Your Data

This is where Dimensional Insight’s Laboratory Advisor comes in. It extracts data from your laboratory information system (LIS) and integrates it with other sources, from finance to production. This way, laboratories can easily access specific information and substantiated figures. Diagnostic centers increasingly rely on Laboratory Advisor for insight and quality assurance. Laboratory Advisor is a powerful and user-friendly platform that lets you manage and analyze large quantities of data. It unlocks the power of your current LIS and combines your LIS data with business tools, such as those used by your finance and HR departments. This results in considerable new insights for both management and medical scientists. Furthermore, the platform unburdens application managers, allowing them to quickly create new reports without the time-consuming queries of the LIS.

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Features and Benefits of Laboratory Advisor:

  • Powerful and extremely rapid business intelligence
  • User-friendly
  • Saves time
  • Combines your LIS with other applications and data sources
  • Advanced dashboards and in-depth analytics
  • You determine the degree of support: from DIY to completely outsourced
  • Delivery and implementation within a few weeks

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