Drive Financial Results

Dimensional Insight solutions helped customers to:

Identify $2 million in underpayments

Recover $750,000 in 1st 4 months of project

Reach $2.5 million positive revenue swing in value-based payments

Increase revenue by 34%

Every hospital or health system strives to improve patient care, but that’s nearly impossible to do if your organization’s finances aren’t in order. Your healthcare organization needs a complete view of its finances, including revenue, costs, profit margins, and more, so it can make the right decisions to support growth and financial health.

Revenue cycle management

Your revenue cycle is integral to the financial strength and sustainability of your hospital or health system. Managing and monitoring it requires a level of vigilance that’s only possible with reliable, well-defined and timely information. But when information is spread across multiple systems and applications, each with their own reporting and analytics tools, the picture is anything but clear. Dimensional Insight can help to continuously pinpoint your best opportunities to improve processes, stay ahead of emerging trends, and maximize cash flow.

Financial analysis

Where are you losing or gaining revenue? How can you predict the impact of financial changes? Dimensional Insight helps you pinpoint areas where you can control costs and maximize revenue. With predictive capabilities, you can forecast how various changes will impact your finances down the road.

Revenue Integrity

How do your organization’s operations affect finances? Dimensional Insight can help you gain visibility into how clinical operations, such as coding and documentation, affect the revenue your organization is bringing in.

Cost Reduction

Are there certain areas in your organization that are costing more than others? What are some ways you can reduce waste? Dimensional Insight allows you to more clearly understand what you’re spending money on and where you have opportunities to cut costs and improve your financial standing.

Practice productivity

How are each of your practices performing and how do they compare to each other? With Dimensional Insight, you can dig down into the details to determine what is contributing to practice productivity, and compare practice finances so you can identify areas for improvement.

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