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Hospital Operations

Gain the insights to transform your hospital operations and improve outcomes.

Hospital Operations

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Putting Your Hospital Data to Work

Dimensional Insight’s Hospital Operations analytical application helps you gain better insight into your data by providing both meaningful summary level information and the ability to quickly get to the underlying details so you can uncover root causes and respond with appropriate actions.

With hundreds of standard measures and data elements built into the application, Hospital Operations allows you to immediately begin analyzing information without having to build your analytics environment from scratch. An initial configuration is typically ready for analysis and validation within days. Plus, you can extend a standard configuration to meet the specific needs of your organization using a highly automated approach that’s designed to be driven by subject matter experts as opposed to programmers.

Since governance and collaboration are built into Dimensional Insight’s, Diver Platform, you’re able to closely control the process of defining and deploying new information while still including the right people and perspectives in the conversation.

Benefits of Hospital Operations Advisor

Accelerated time to value

Accelerated time to value for deploying new analytics applications

Flexibility to adapt

Flexibility to adapt your analytics environment to rapidly evolving needs

Intuitive and easy to use

Intuitive and easy to use self-service tools to promote data-driven decisions


Increased engagement

Of stakeholders, subject matter experts, and information consumers

Flexible deployment models

Flexible deployment models that meet the needs of your organization

Improvement goals design

Designed with the goals of improving care quality, lowering costs, enhancing patient experience, and engaging providers

Access to Industry Standard Out-of-the-Box Measures

Inpatient Volumes
  • Total Admissions
  • IP Admissions
  • Acute Admissions
  • ED Admissions
  • Total Discharges
  • IP Discharges
  • Acute Discharges
  • Total Discharge Days
  • IP Discharge Days
  • Acute Discharge Days
  • Total Patient Days
  • Acute Patient Days
  • IP Surgical Cases
Inpatient Ratios
  • Acute Admit % ED
  • Overall All Payer Case Mix
  • Acute All Payer Case Mix
  • Medicare Case Mix
Inpatient Revenue
  • Inpatient Charges
  • Avg IP Charges Per Discharge
  • IP/OP Charge Ratio
Outpatient Volumes
  • Total Outpatient Visits
  • ED Visits
  • Observation Hours
  • Observation Visits
  • OP Surgical Cases
  • ED Visits Admitted
  • ED Visits Departed
  • ED Visits DC Obs
  • ED AMA/ Incomplete Treatment
  • ED 48 Hour Returns
  • ED 48 Hour Returns w/ Admit
  • ED 48 Hour Index w/ Return
  • ED 72 Hour Returns
  • ED 72 Hour Returns w/ Admit
  • ED 72 Hour Index w/ Return
Outpatient Ratios
  • ED Visits Admitted %
  • ED 48 Hour Return %
  • ED 72 Hour Return %
  • ED Average Time to Admission
  • ED Average Time to Departure
  • ED Median Time to Admission
  • ED Median Time to Departure
Outpatient Revenue
  • Outpatient Charges
  • Avg OP Charges per Visit
30 Day Readmissions
  • HWR 30D Readmit Rate
  • HWR 30D Readmits
  • HWR 30D Index Population
  • AMI 30D Readmit Rate
  • AMI 30D Readmits
  • AMI 30D Index Population
  • COPD 30D Readmit Rate
  • COPD 30D Readmits
  • COPD 30D Index Population
  • HF 30D Readmit Rate
  • HF 30D Readmits
  • HF 30D Index Population
  • PN 30D Readmit Rate
  • PN 30D Readmits
  • PN 30D Index Population
  • STK 30D Readmit Rate
  • STK 30D Readmits
  • STK 30D Index Population
Avg Length of Stay
  • Overall ALOS
  • Acute ALOS
  • Normal Newborn ALOS
  • NICU Newborn ALOS
  • Overall Hospital Mortality Rate
  • Acute Mortality
  • Overall Hospital Mortality
  • Acute Mortality Rate
  • STK Mortality
  • STK Mortality Rate
  • HF Mortality
  • HF Mortality Rate
  • AMI Mortality
  • AMI Mortality Rate
  • PN Mortality
  • PN Mortality Rate
  • COPD Mortality
  • COPD Mortality Rate
  • Diagnoses
  • Procedures
  • Adjustments
  • Payments

Features of Hospital Operations Advisor



More than 500 pre-configured measures based on CMS, Uniform Billing, ICD, and other standards that reflect clinical, financial, and operational activity in inpatient and outpatient settings. 


Interactive dashboard templates that can be replicated and extended to provide additional perspectives. Reusable visualizations that dynamically adapt to assigned measures.


The enterprise-class integration, transformation, and operational control that comes with Diver Platform.


Opportunities to explore the underlying data of virtually any number or chart in any visualization.



An automated approach to defining and computing complex data and measure definitions. Built-in governance and collaboration functions.

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