Emergency Department Advisor™

Your ED is the Patient’s Gateway to Your Hospital — Gain the Insight to Keep it Running at Peak Efficiency

Emergency Department Advisor

More than 600 off-the-shelf KPIs

When patients visit your emergency department, they need to be treated safely and effectively. Anything else just adds on to what is already a fraught experience. The more streamlined and consumer-friendly your ED is, the more likely patients will have a positive experience and trust your hospital for their families’ care.

When you think about improving your ED operations, it’s important to look at not just your processes on how you treat patients and ensure quality and safety, but also your waste or moments when patients are left waiting—leading to patient frustration, higher left without being seen (LWBS) numbers, and worse patient outcomes.

Dimensional Insight’s Emergency Department Advisor helps you make sense of your wealth of data to make the right improvements to increase revenue, improve patient satisfaction scores, and improve patient outcomes.

Benefits of Emergency Department Advisor

Reduce patient wait time

One hospital decreased LWBS by 83% and increased revenue by more $2 million

Increase throughput

One hospital reduced cardiac throughput by 40%, resulting in a 67% reduction in mortality rate

Optimize volume and utilization

See up to 75% decrease in low-acuity and unnecessary visits

Reduce overtime

One hospital saved more than $250,000 due to better scheduling insights

Make data more available and empower users

Self-service dashboards enable up to 90% reduction in the time spent collecting, analyzing, and visualizing data

Access to Industry Standard Out-of-the-Box Measures

Click on the interactive module below to explore our pre-defined measures. With more than 200 standard measures and data elements built into the application, ED Advisor allows you to immediately begin analyzing information without having to build your analytics environment from scratch.

Examples of Emergency Department Advisor dashboards:

Emergency Department Advisor comes with a variety of off-the-shelf dashboard and reports. There is a consistent look and feel throughout both ED Advisor and also the rest of the Dimensional Insight Library of Applications.

Part of Dimensional Insight’s Library of Applications

Emergency Department Advisor is built on Dimensional Insight’s enterprise analytics platform. Deploying these applications results in deep and sustained clinical, financial, and operational improvements that impact patient care and your organization’s bottom line. Diver Platform and Dimensional Insight’s Library of Applications satisfy your health system’s enterprise reporting needs.

Benefits to the Library of Applications approach


Data trust across departments

Data governance ensures the use of consistent, standardized, validated, and documented business rules and measures across applications. This means all departments are using the same definitions for decision-making.


Quick to implement

Dimensional Insight uses a proven process that leads to short implementation times and quick time to value. Applications build on previously implemented Dimensional Insight apps, leading to even shorter deployment times, especially when compared to department-specific apps from multiple vendors.

Lower overall costs

Because Dimensional Insight Applications are all built upon Diver Platform, hospitals do not incur the high costs associated with licensing and supporting solutions from multiple vendors.

Consistent look and feel across application areas

Applications all have a consistent, intuitive look and feel.  Moving from one application to another is seamless. Executives and other users do not have to learn several applications.


Designed to be customizable

Users access 1,000s of off-the-shelf industry-standard business rules that can be deployed “as is” or adjusted to your unique requirements.

Built on the award-winning, healthcare enterprise analytics platform: Diver Platform®

8 time Best in KLAS winner from 2010 to 2021

Our customers have perennially rated Diver Platform #1.

Leading edge technology

Enterprise analytics platform combines ETL, data management, and self-service analytics to provide a powerful engine that generates results for all types of users.


Data Governance

Rigorous processes that manage and protect data ensure data trust and consistency across the organization.

Custom development

Since Diver is a development platform, customers can modify existing Dimensional Insight applications or build new ones on their own.

Data when and where you want it

Users can easily access data from their desktop, laptop, tablet, or phone.

Multiple deployment options

Organizations can host deployment on site, in the cloud, or via SaaS.

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