Population Health Advisor

Lower 30-day readmissions and improve patient outcomes with population-level data

Unlock the power of precise patient population insights with the Population Health Advisor application. With this Diver Platform-based application, providers can gain a comprehensive understanding of demographic and chronic disease measures, paving the way for improved clinical outcomes. By automating readmissions reporting, our solution eliminates the inaccuracies and laborious manual calculations that can hinder your ability to prevent readmissions, enhance patient care, and reduce costs.

Discover the underlying reasons behind patient readmissions and uncover opportunities to improve post-discharge follow-up care. By leveraging advanced analytics, you can implement targeted process changes and enhance patient follow-up, particularly for high-risk individuals prone to frequent readmissions. The result? Dramatically improved clinical outcomes that revolutionize healthcare delivery.

Access to Standard Out-of-the-Box Measures

The Population Analytics Advisor application comes with out-of-the-box measures that can be quickly implemented in your hospital. Measures categories include:

  • Total Admissions
  • Total Discharges
  • Total Discharge Days
  • Acute Discharges
  • Acute Discharge Days
  • Acute ALOS
  • IP Admissions
  • IP Discharges
  • ED Visits
  • Physician Office Visits
Diabetes Measures
  • Total Population
  • Diabetes Registry Population
  • Diabetes Registry Population %
  • Diabetic Patients
  • Diabetic Patients %
  • Diabetic Patients Age 18-75
  • Diagnosed Diabetes Patients
  • Diagnosed Diabetes %
  • Diagnosed Diabetes with CMs Patients
  • Diagnosed Diabetes with CMs %
  • Potentially Undiagnosed Diabetes Patients
  • Potentially Undiagnosed Diabetes %
  • Pre-Diabetes Patients
  • Pre-Diabetes %
Lab Orders / Results
  • Patients with Borderline High A1c (5.7%-6.5%)
  • Percent Patients with Borderline High A1c (5.7%-6.5%)
  • Percent Patients with High A1c (>=6.5%)
  • Patients with High A1c (>=6.5%)
  • Patients with Valid A1c Result
  • Patients with Valid Glucose Result
  • Patients with Glucose>150
  • Percent Patients with High Glucose
  • Patients with Valid BMI Result
  • Patients with BMI>25
  • Percent Patients with High BMI
  • Patients with Valid LDL Result
  • Patients with LDL>100
  • Percent Patients with LDL>100
  • Patients with Valid Creatinine Result
  • Patients with High Creatinine (>1.21)
  • Percent Patients with High Creatinine (>1.21)

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