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Hospitals and health systems have a laser focus on improving patient care, supporting the well-being and competency of staff, and strengthening financial viability. A digital business strategy is crucial to supporting these initiatives. But any digital adoption needs a foundation of integrated and trustworthy data so your organization can make the most informed and impactful decisions. That’s where Dimensional Insight can help.


  • Integrate data across the enterprise
  • Gain a single source of truth
  • Work with a team focused on your healthcare challenges


  • Turn raw data into actionable information to make better decisions
  • Create data-literate experts to be a catalyst for change

Revolutionize Digital Health

  • Drive system-wide changes to support your strategic goals
  • Lead in the digital-first future of healthcare

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Drive Financial REsults

Optimize Operations

Support Service Lines

Promote Pop health

Improve outcomes

Measure Productivity

Ensure safety

Used by healthcare companies around the world.

Used by healthcare companies around the world.

The Dimensional Insight difference

When you work with Dimensional Insight, you gain access to a team of healthcare industry experts who understand the unique challenges of healthcare. Our innovative analytics platform can help you improve operational efficiency, productivity, and business agility.

Our technology includes off-the-shelf and customizable measures enabling enhanced data visualization and reporting. Whether you’re an executive, an analyst, or the person implementing the technology, our solutions enable you to achieve your goals faster and more effectively than ever before.


Integrate disparate data, business rules, displays, and solution sets to get analytics personalized to your needs


Access a fine-tuned approach to analytics based on decades of success in healthcare


Rapid deployment with more than 1,000 off-the-shelf measures ensures quick ROI

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We work in a collaborative spirit with our customers and use this co-innovation to influence our technology. Our team of industry experts learns from our customers and creates solutions targeted to solving your most pressing healthcare challenges. Read more about how healthcare organizations are achieving success with Dimensional Insight.

Munson Healthcare

Decreasing Newborn Readmits by 24% with Help of Analytics


Reducing Antimicrobial Treatment Days by 58% with Diver


Western Maryland Pharmacy

Decreasing Acetaminophen Costs by 78% with Diver Platform

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Only 8-time Best in KLAS Winner 2010-2021

Dimensional Insight continues to receive high grades from customers and provide top-of-the-line healthcare solutions

Dimensional Insight KLAS overall Vendor Score: 91.7

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