Improve Outcomes

Dimensional Insight solutions helped customers to:

  • 28.5% reduction in Medicare ALOS
  • 52% reduction in ICU acute renal failure
  • 24% reduction in newborn readmissions
  • 46% improvement in performance of colorectal screenings
  • 58% reduction in antimicrobial treatment days
  • 78% reduction in acetaminophen drug costs
  • Up to 41% improvement in NTSV (C-section) rate
  • 20% reduction in admin FTE
  • 2 hour reduction in ED wait times

For any healthcare organization, providing superior patient care is paramount. Improving patient outcomes is an ongoing commitment that requires focus from multiple areas of the organization as well as a data-driven approach to identify the right areas for improvement to ensure optimal results.

Readmissions Reduction

Your data can provide the insights to reduce readmissions, but it needs to be integrated and organized in the right way to be able to make impactful decisions. Dimensional Insight helps you monitor readmissions activity and excess days in acute care on a daily basis using KPIs based on CMS specifications. You can also identify patients at the highest risk of readmission and excess care while they are still in the hospital. This allows them to be discharged with the appropriate guidance and to the most effective post-acute setting. You can also assess the effectiveness of interventions with detailed data specifically intended for meaningful, action-oriented analysis.

Performance Improvement

With more than 100 standard quality, safety, and outcome measures, Dimensional Insight can help identify opportunities to improve performance using objective, quantitative comparisons that can be used to guide performance improvement initiatives. You can also analyze underlying causes and patterns among more than 500 data elements.

Outcomes Benchmarking

How do you compare to your peers? With Dimensional Insight, you are able to select peer hospitals with similar characteristics with which to compare your hospital’s performance, using benchmarks that include precisely defined, severity-adjusted measurements of outcomes’ effectiveness. You can also integrate benchmarks into your own operational data to continuously monitor and improve outcomes performance.

Best Practices Analysis

Dimensional Insight allows you to identify which services, units, providers, and practice patterns demonstrate superior outcomes performance with the most efficient use of resources and minimal variation. You can then share that information and the results to inspire and encourage data-driven change elsewhere.

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