ICU Advisor

Gain a complete view of ICU care — from arrival to discharge

ICU Advisor

Control Costs and Capture Revenue

There are an array of special factors that make managing an Intensive Care Unit challenging. ICU Advisor helps monitor all areas of patient care from arrival to unit discharge and all the charges associated to deliver care. Easy to use dashboards can display key metrics such as daily arrival volumes, origination of arrivals, returns, and charges. And, ICU Advisor can integrate data from a variety of data sources like EHRs. Having easy access to information results in improved care, reduced costs and increased efficiency.

Features of ICU Advisor

Patient Care Monitoring

All areas of patient care are monitored from arrival to unit discharge.

Cost Monitoring

All the associated charges to deliver care are monitored.


Dashboards are visually rich and easy-to-use.

Key Metrics

Daily arrival volumes, origination of arrivals, returns, and charges


Data Integration

Integrates data from a variety of data sources — like EHRs.

Information Access

Easy access to information results in improved care, reduced costs and increased efficiency.

Access to Standard Out-of-the-Box Measures

  • Adm w ICU Episode
  • ICU Arrivals
  • ICU Episodes
  • ICU Departures
  • DC w ICU Episode
  • ICU Surgical Discharges
  • ICU Arrivals From ED
Key Indicators
  • ICU Episode Avg LOS Hours
  • ICU ALOS Observed
  • Overall ICU Hosp ALOS
  • ICU Ventilated Accounts
  • ICU Lab-Blood Transfusion Charges
  • Avg ICU Ventilator Days
  • Overall ICU All Payor CMI
  • Avg Apache II Score
  • ICU Return-48 Hrs
  • ICU Return Rate-48 Hrs
  • ICU Returns
  • CLABSI Infections
  • Central Line Days
  • CLABSIs per 1000 CL Days
  • Catheter Days
  • CAUTIs per 1000 Cath Days
  • ICU Mortality Observed
  • ICU Mortality Index
  • Total ICU Charges
  • Total ICU Costs
  • ICU Charge Days
  • ICU Avg Charge Days
  • ICU Direct Costs/ICU Day
  • ICU Chg/ICU Day
  • Overall Costs per ICU Discharge
  • Overall Charges per ICU Discharge
  • ICU Interim Dir Cost per Disch
  • ICU Charges per Discharge
  • ICU Pharmacy Charges
  • ICU Pharmacy Direct Costs
  • ICU Imaging Charges
  • ICU Imaging Direct Costs
Pharmacy (per day charge)
  • Antiarrythmic Agents
  • Anticoagulant Agents
  • Antihypertensive Agents
  • Anticonvulsant Agents
  • Antimicrobial Agents
  • Diuretics
  • Gastric Acid Suppression
  • Insulin
  • Sedatives
  • Vasopressors/Inotropes
  • Pharmacy All Other
Imaging (per day charge)
  • Total Imaging
  • Chest X-ray
  • Radiology All Other
  • CT Chest
  • CTA Chest
  • CT Abd and Pelvis
  • CT All Other
  • Ultrasound Abdomen
  • Ultrasound All Other
  • MRI Brain
  • MRI All Other
Lab (per day charge)
  • Blood Transfusion
  • Microbiology – Cultures
  • Select Chemistry Tests
  • Chemistry – Cardiac Markers
  • Hematology – CBC
  • Hematology – Coag
  • Lab All Other
Respiratory Therapy
  • Total Respiratory Therapy
  • Respiratory Therapy-ABG
  • Respiratory Therapy All Other
  • 1st Day+Interim Chrgs/Disch
  • 1st Day+Interim Chrgs/ICU Day
  • 1st Day+Interim Costs/ICU Day
  • ICU Laboratory Direct Costs
  • ICU Mortality Observed Net
  • ICU Mortality Rate Expected %
  • ICU Mortality Rate Observed %
  • ICU Predicted Encounters
  • ICU Ventilator Days
  • Interim Charges/Disch
  • Pct ICU Predicated Accounts
  • Pct Ventilated-ICU Accounts
  • Total Lab Cost per ICU Charge Day
  • Ventilated Accounts
  • Ventilator Days

Examples of ICU Advisor dashboards:

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