Support Service Lines

Dimensional Insight solutions helped customers to:

52% reduction in ICU acute renal failure

24% reduction in newborn readmissions

46% improvement in performance of colorectal screenings

2-hour reduction in ED wait times

Your organization’s service lines need to operate at peak performance in order to both ensure superior patient care and strengthen your hospital’s financial standing. This requires access to not only unique department-level data, but also access to organization-wide data to understand how performance contributes to the overall health of your hospital.

Emergency Department

When you think about improving your ED operations, it’s important to look at not just your processes on how you treat patients and ensure quality and safety, but also your waste or moments when patients are left waiting – or worse – leave your hospital without being seen. Dimensional Insight helps you make sense of your wealth of data in areas such as streamlined patient flow, reduced wait times, and efficiency and responsiveness of ancillary processes. This allows you to make the right improvements to increase revenue, improve patient satisfaction scores, and improve patient outcomes, as well as improve employee job satisfaction and wellness.


Operating room facilities need to run at peak performance, and accurate and trustworthy data is critical to any transformation efforts in this area. With Dimensional Insight, you can optimize surgery scheduling, optimize case turnaround, compare utilization patterns, increase block utilization, examine surgical outcomes, and identify ways to reduce waste, manage costs, and capture more revenue.

ICU/Critical Care

It’s critical that hospitals have a real-time view of ICU operations, especially as they navigate surges of disease or staff shortages. Dimensional Insight helps you monitor all areas of patient care from arrival to unit discharge, as well as all the charges associated with care. You can easily visualize key metrics such as daily arrival volumes, origination of arrivals, returns, and charges, which leads to improved care, reduced costs, and increased efficiency.


Medical laboratories are incredibly complex and have high workloads. There are diverse sources of data that need to be integrated and high data volumes that need to be managed. This is where Dimensional Insight excels. You can integrate data from multiple sources and easily access the information you need. Dimensional Insight’s unique technology allows you to analyze incredibly large data sets instantaneously.


Imaging and radiology departments have capital-intensive imaging equipment, such as MRI machines and CT scans, that need to operate at peak efficiency. With Dimensional Insight, you gain access to the data that allows you to optimize workflows and streamline operations. You can also examine utilization patterns to make data-driven decisions on additional investments, as well as ensure superior customer service and responsiveness.


Your health system’s pharmacy is one area in which improved insights can make a big impact on both patient outcomes and your organization’s finances. With Dimensional Insight, you can integrate pharmacy services into patient care work processes. By using the right data, you can guide process improvements that enable you to streamline operations and reduce unnecessary spending on medications. You can also set up alerts on drug interactions so you can reduce medication errors and improve patient outcomes.

Cath Lab

In the cath lab, every minute counts. Delays not only impact your bottom line, but more importantly, they affect care of some of your most critical patients. You need to be able to understand throughput of your cath lab, and where patients might be getting delayed in the process. You also need to understand how resources are being used, and how the cath lab contributes to the financial well-being of your organization. Dimensional Insight can help you understand all this by helping to integrate and visualize data around throughput, resource utilization, and finances.

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