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Reduce patient infections and prevent outbreaks.

Infection Prevention Analytics

A powerful tool for helping hospitals in their efforts to reduce patient infections

Preventing and controlling patient infection is a critical concern in any hospital, with a strict set of operational rules and procedures being applied to minimize the risk of infection and maximize patient care. Infection Prevention analytics can integrate data collected from microbiological, clinical laboratories, patient care, EHRs, and other critical data sources. Infection Prevention analytics can aide in providing a detailed historical perspective down to the individual patient level, with the tools to predict and alert for potential infection occurrences.

Benefits of Infection Prevention Analytics

Fast and Easy

Mandatory reporting on infections and prevention efforts can be faster and easier since most of the required information can be contained in an analytics system and be configured to meet specific reporting needs.

Broad Monitoring and Benchmarking

Monitoring and benchmarking the quality of patient care across many dimensions — type of procedure, operating room, specific department, physician — is possible since infection rates can be determined for all relevant dimensions. This allows both medical staff and hospital management to better focus performance improvement efforts.

Up-to-Date and Detailed Information

Containment and traceability of infection outbreaks can be expedited quickly with detailed information on patient infection characteristics, movements, and personnel contacts. Data can be refreshed daily providing the containment team with up-to-date information without lengthy manual investigative work.

Examples of Infection Prevention Analytics dashboards:

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