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Surgery Advisor

A Powerful Operating Room Management System

Surgery Advisor

Give your operating room directors timely access to the operational, financial, and clinical metrics they need to manage operating room facilities at peak performance. Surgery Advisor, powered by the award-winning Diver Platform, empowers you to optimize operating room efficiency.

Benefits of Surgery Advisor

Hospital Informatics Made Easy

Data mining in healthcare has never been simpler. Analyze and compare practice patterns of utilization, efficiency, costs, and outcomes among individual surgeons, services, and facilities to reveal improvement opportunities in how you deliver care.

Optimize Surgery Scheduling

Surgery Advisor enables you to optimize operating room efficiency with reporting and analysis tools that offer insight into key drivers of throughput. Examine and analyze case volumes by specialty and type. Analyze room turnover and identify trends by room, surgeon, or facility. Examine late starts and delays for each surgeon and day of the week. Track room, facility, and block occupancy to improve operating room utilization. Use this uncovered data and trends to make adjustments to your operating room scheduling software and maximize efficiency. Enjoy the flexibility to adapt your analytics environment to rapidly evolving needs.

Contain Costs

Surgery Advisor’s technology provides you with complete transparency of cost information, down to the case level, so you can easily identify ways to better manage costs and capture more revenue. Improving cost management for healthcare operations is simple when you’re armed with this wealth of accurate data.

Access to Industry Standard Out-of-the-Box Measures

  • Total Cases
  • Inpatient Cases
  • Outpatient Cases
  • Total Procedures
  • Inpatient Procedures
  • Outpatient Procedures
  • Add-on Cases
  • Add-on Cases %
  • Saturday Add-on Minutes
  • Sunday Add-on Minutes
  • After Hour Cases
  • Cancelled Cases
  • Cancelled Cases %
  • First Cases
  • Late Cases
  • Late Cases %
  • Late First Cases
  • Late First Cases %
  • On-Time Cases
  • On-Time Cases %
  • Scheduled Cases
  • Subsequent Cases On-time
  • Subsequent Cases On-time %
  • Total PACU Boarded Cases
  • Total PACU Phase I Stays
  • Total PACU Phase II Stays
  • Accurate Case Duration Estimates
  • Accurate Case Duration Estimates %
  • Total Charges for Surgical Accounts
  • Total Charges for Surgical IP Accounts
  • Total Charges for Surgical OP Accounts
  • Avg Charges per Surgical Account
  • Total Direct Costs for Surgical Accounts
  • Avg Direct Costs per Surgical Account
  • Total CVOR Account Charges
  • Avg CVOR Account Charges
  • Total Direct CVOR Account Costs
  • Avg Direct CVOR Account Costs
  • Total Supply Cost
  • Avg Supply Cost
  • Supply Cost %
  • Total Implant Cost
  • Avg Implant Cost
  • Implant Cost %
  • Total Waste Cost
  • Avg Waste Cost
  • Waste Cost %
  • In Block Minutes %
  • Block Utilization %
  • Total Block Minutes Available
  • Total Out of Block Minutes
  • Total In Block Minutes
  • Facility Utilization %
  • Facility Minutes Used
  • Facility Unit Capacity Minutes
  • Avg Room TAT Minutes
  • Avg Surgeon TAT Minutes
  • Avg Surgery TAT Minutes
  • OR Utilization %
  • Average Case Minutes
  • Average Procedure Minutes
  • Average Surgery Minutes
  • Average PAT Minutes
  • Avg PACU Phase I Minutes
  • Avg PACU Phase II Minutes
  • Total PACU Boarded Minutes
  • Avg PACU Boarded Minutes
  • Avg Patient In to Surgery Start Minutes
  • Avg Surgery Complete to Patient Out Minutes
  • Avg Pre-Op Minutes
  • Avg Room TAT Minutes
  • Avg Surgery TAT Minutes
  • Avg Surgeon TAT Minutes
  • CVOR Cases
  • CVOR Procedures

Examples of Surgery Advisor dashboards:

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