Dimensional Insight is 8 time Best in KLAS winner since 2010

Dimensional Insight KLAS overall Vendor Score: 91.7

Dimensional Insight continues to receive high grades from customers and provide top-of-the-line healthcare solutions 

Diver Platform is leaps and bounds better than the default reporting structure we get out of another system. We are able to dive into reports much easier and get down to granular details that we just haven’t been able to see in the past. The details can help us understand our own trends and how we can modify things to provide better care for our patients, improve revenue collections, or do anything like that.

CIO, December 2022

Diver Platform gives us the ability to hone in and do on-the-fly data discovery and analytics. For example, one of our leaders asked whether we could produce a certain report, and within a matter of days, we produced the dashboard and walked the leader through it. Diver Platform is an extremely powerful tool, and the leader absolutely loved it. They said they had never seen anything like it before. What we try to do through the product is build self-service tools and teach executives and leaders to get at the data, but we also try to play with it and figure it out. We built a tool within Diver Platform to help us with workforce optimization, and the consulting firm that came in to help us was amazed by the agility with which we could adapt to our needs and provide dashboards. That is something that has cemented our use of Diver Platform. My previous organization didn’t have anything like this system, and they really struggled. We are constantly developing our own tools and dashboards in Diver Platform and bringing in data, and we just love that.

Director, December 2022

The product manages a very large number of records for us on a daily basis, and the product’s performance has been excellent. With Diver Platform, we get executive-level things and operational dashboards that are shared throughout the organization. We also bring in budget data, so we can compare budget data versus actual data. That helps us to budget for FTEs and do our overall budgets with regard to how much volume we are going to have and what our patient days will be. I like all of the product. Diver Platform is one of the very few products that has delivered on what has been promised. The product is solid, and we have been able to extend our use of the platform to fit our needs. That ability to extend our use was very challenging to find in other products, but Dimensional Insight’s product delivered on it.

Director, September 2022

We can get reporting at a level of sophistication that doesn’t exist within our EHR. The advanced level reporting is very beneficial. Healthcare readmissions are a huge focus, and a lot of quality programs have money tied to readmission outcomes, so we need to track readmissions very closely. Without Diver Platform, we would not be able to produce or read readmissions data, so the system is very helpful and sophisticated.

Director, December 2022

Diver Platform has become an invaluable tool for us for a variety of reasons. The capability is extremely powerful for pulling in, quickly organizing, and building meaningful output from disparate data sources. So from a user perspective when viewing the output, the product is fantastic; people love it, and they love the drill-down capability. The graphics are nice, and we can do a lot of things really quickly with the product. The system seems to be meeting our needs and works as promoted. We really do like the capabilities the product has. Our staff seems to be pretty happy with the product, and we do our best to keep things running for them.

Director, August 2022

Some outcomes we are seeing from using Diver Platform are strategic decision-making and productivity down to the department level. The product is especially helpful in nursing where productivity is important. Staffing and costs are challenging; those generate data that we can get out of the product, and that is fantastic. We get general ledger reporting, hospital operational metrics, immunization tracking, and so many other things out of Diver Platform.

Director, August 2022

“As always, we thank our customers for the candid feedback they provide to KLAS on their experience with our company. Our company is laser-focused on doing whatever it takes to ensure that our customers succeed, and the Best in KLAS award demonstrates that we are fulfilling on that commitment.”

Fred Powers

CEO & Co-founder, Dimensional Insight