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Using Analytics to Quickly Respond to COVID-19

Quick facts:

Organization: Hospital de la Concepción
Industry: Healthcare
Location: San Germán, Puerto Rico
Customer since: 2019
Website: www.hospitaldelaconcepcion.com/
Solution: Diver Platform®


  • Hospital de la Concepción is using Dimensional Insight dashboards to see up-to-date data on COVID-19 patients in the hospital.
  • The dashboards are helping hospital staff and administrators properly react to COVID-19 in the hospital and take the proper measures to ensure the safety of staff and patients.
  • Dimensional Insight’s validated measures ensure consistency in the numbers employees and administrators are using to make critical decisions.


Hospital de la Concepción is a world-class hospital in southwestern Puerto Rico that provides cutting-edge technology and an experienced medical team in a welcoming environment with modern facilities. The institution is the oldest medical facility in Puerto Rico, first opening its doors in 1511. It is affiliated with the Ascension Health organization, the largest Catholic non-profit health system in the United States.

The Challenge

COVID-19 has presented hospitals with challenges unlike anything ever seen before. Not only do hospital staff need to understand how many and which patients have tested positive for COVID-19, but they also need to understand local trends for capacity planning and resource utilization, as well as finances for reimbursement.
In Puerto Rico, as in other areas of the United States, there are questions about the number of COVID-19 tests being conducted and whether there are enough, as well as the consistency of reporting numbers to the government.

The Goal

Hospital de la Concepción wanted to use analytics to:

  • Make sure it was well-prepared to handle COVID-19 cases within its hospital, by having accurate and up-to-date numbers on capacity and utilization of beds, ventilators, ICU units, and isolation units.
  • See which cities have suspected or confirmed COVID-19 cases.
  • Have accurate statistics on positive test rates, recovery rates, and mortality rates, by demographic.
  • Ensure it was sending accurate numbers to the government.

The Solution

Hospital de la Concepción has been using Dimensional Insight’s analytics platform since 2019 to help it better understand its hospital and emergency department operations. Dimensional Insight’s Measure Factory® technology creates measures or KPIs from the data it receives from different source systems, such as the hospital’s MEDITECH EHR. Measure Factory validates all data and ensures that staff, clinicians, and administrators are all looking at the same data in the same way.

Once COVID-19 hit, Hospital de la Concepción worked with Dimensional Insight to create a COVID-specific dashboard. This dashboard would provide continuous updates on data points such as ventilator, bed, ICU, and isolation room capacity and utilization, and positive test rates, recovery rates, and mortality rates. It would also include a map of cities that have suspected or confirmed COVID-19 cases, so staff could understand where in the community the greatest virus spread was, and it allowed the hospital to meet government reporting requirements, which is necessary for reimbursements.

The dashboard currently updates new cases every hour, and hospital staff are able to see where in the hospital COVID-positive patients are located. The hospital’s medical team uses the dashboard for its daily status call, and the nursing director uses it to relay information to the nursing teams.

Another dashboard that KONZA created was to help its physician partners with population health management. With the dashboard, physicians can see the top 5 disease categories for patients, and then stratify by gender, age, and ZIP code. In addition, they can use a drop-down filter to see all their patients who have tested positive for COVID-19. This allows providers to see co-morbidities for COVID-19 patients. Providers can also map the locations of their patients to see which areas have the most COVID-19 patients.

A final dashboard KONZA created was to provide data to a research institute in Kansas that is researching the number of patients diagnosed with COVID-19. KONZA provides that organization with a de-identified view of patients so researchers have a running total. The organization is able to compare this list to the list it receives from various hospitals to ensure the numbers are correct.

McCrary says the Dimensional Insight platform is easy for her developers to use, and they are able to create the COVID-19 dashboards in-house. The ease of the platform enabled KONZA to create different views for stakeholders quickly, so they could swiftly use their data to respond to the pandemic.

The Results

Juan Caban Medina, director of the information systems department at Hospital de la Concepción, says, “We have been leading the process of handling COVID-19, not just because we work successfully with the highest volume of cases in the region, but also because we have the tools, staff, and process in place to keep our patients, employees, and medical faculty safe.”

Caban Medina says the measures and analytics provided by Dimensional Insight are incredibly valuable, because as rules and definitions change, the Dimensional Insight software easily allows for change and enables staff to analyze the data from different perspectives.
He also says the consistency and trust provided by the validated measures ensure that everyone in the organization has the same picture of what is going on in the hospital. Because staff uses one set of data from which they make decisions, they don’t need to worry that different departments are looking at data in slightly different ways.

Ultimately, though, what’s most important to Caban Medina and the rest of the staff at Hospital de la Concepción is patient care. Patients need to feel safe coming into the hospital and receiving care, and doctors need to feel confident that they are making decisions based on accurate numbers and data.

Caban Medina says, “Hospital systems in Puerto Rico and the United States are facing tremendous challenges and we strongly believe we have positioned ourselves as a leader in the region. Patients can feel assured that we are well prepared in taking care of them, thanks to the information provided on our Dimensional Insight dashboards.”

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