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5 important considerations if you are using spreadsheets for business analytics

Why using spreadsheets for analytics can ruin your business

Why and how to transition to business intelligence as a better alternative: Despite widespread use and adoption, spreadsheets appropriately address only a small fraction of an organization’s business intelligence needs.

In this paper we will :

  • Address 5 considerations that will help you understand the limitations of spreadsheets for true enterprise-level reporting, analysis, and decision support.
  • Review why adoption of business intelligence platforms like Dimensional Insight’s Diver Platform™ is changing the way leading organizations manage, report, analyze and deliver information throughout the enterprise.
  • Outline steps for transitioning your organization’s spreadsheet use to a more robust reporting and analytic solution.
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Once a formula has been edited in a spreadsheet, no mechanism exists for recording who modified the formula and for what reason and no archive exists of the original formula. Has the data in the spreadsheet been appropriately updated with this month’s results? Has it been manually “adjusted” by an individual? There really is no way to be certain.