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Forrester Q&A. Lessons Learned by Healthcare Organizations During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Takeaways from Massachusetts Health & Hospital Association & Dimensional Insight webinar.

Moderated by Forrester Senior Healthcare Analyst Jeff Becker

Collaborative Data Governance Fosters Reliable Analytics

The COVID-19 pandemic in early 2020 led to a massive transformation for healthcare organizations.
Health systems raced to move from retrospective to real-time reporting of key metrics, and they also had to quickly work to transform processes; such as accelerating the adoption of telemedicine and better understanding care coordination and patient flow to other care settings.

What you will learn about:
Forrester Senior Healthcare Analyst Jeff Becker moderated a roundtable with Massachusetts hospital leaders to discuss their takeaways from the first phase of the COVID-19 pandemic and what their organizations would be focusing on moving forward.

We asked Jeff five questions about the lessons learned, and what is in store for hospitals in 2021.

Forrester Q&A

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Q: What are some of the areas in which healthcare organizations can make the biggest gains from analytics in 2021?

A: The potential is seemingly immeasurable across multiple functional areas. The largest area of opportunity for analytics will be optimizing virtual care operations, either as an independent service line or integrated into existing clinical specialties. Analytics will help HCOs grow revenue streams stemming from both telehealth and remote patient monitoring services, and will help grow patient enrollment, utilization, acquisition, and retention.